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The Dangers of Fast food (Mc Donald's)

        Mc.Donald's is a big fast food chain restaurant that is popular around the world. People are drawn into fast foods because they are fast and pleasing to the tongue. Mc Donald's has a variety of burgers that a customer can choose from and also different side meals to consume with the burger.

However, fast foods are very fattening and unhealthy to the body. Eating fast foods everyday will result in obesity and diseases. It is really hard to lose weight but it's so easy to gain weight, that's the danger of fast foods. Also, fast foods are made quickly. Which means, the food are not made properly, the workers will probably use the left overs of someone's hamburgers or fry the potato very quickly. It is also hard to digest fast foods due to the lipids that the cell has to break down. Last but not least, Coke damages teeth and produces a lot of gas inside bodies.

 Eating Fast foods once in awhile is fine, however you shouldn't eat it often. Think about yourself in the next 20 years? What would you want to look like? Also, keep in mind how you want to treat your body in the future. As mentioned previously, people are drawn into fast foods easily. Don't be one of the "people" and think before you act!